Welcome to Kongu Polytechnic College

Energy Park
Our college has been a pioneer in setting up an Energy Park in our campus under the sponsorship of MNES at a cost of Rs.5 lakhs. Non-conventional energy sources are exposed and the solar energy is utilized for water heating, street lamps, solar pumping inside our campus.

The Biomass Gasifier Power Plant
Using Agro wastage known as Juliflora (locally called velikathan) as the main raw material, a 100 KWE Biomass Gasifier Power System is set up at the cost of Rs.15 lakhs. The power generated by the plant is used for various purpose inside the campus. Apart from this, students are also engaged and encouraged to do project works within the plant on automation of gas air mixing, easy opening of reactor etc.

Night Soil Based Bio-Gas Plant
A Night Soil Based Bio-Gas Plant project by Ministry of Non- Conventional Energy Sources, Government of India (MNES) and Govt of Tamilnadu is set up with a total cost of Rs.5 lakhs.